Ballard Locks Downwinder on Stand Up Paddle Board

Shilshole Night

Stand Up Paddle Shilshole Bay in the evening.

Stand up paddle at a commercial fishermen meet-up

Stand up paddle the Illinois River in Ottawa, Illinois.

A lot of fun with family thanks to an inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

Yes, the currents are strong, very strong under the Golden Gate Bridge.  True Nirvana just under the bridge and from there a fast ride until you are given permission to paddle for your life parallel to shore.  Great White Sharks and various other shark species frequent this water, but no Great White has ever attacked a seal, sea lion, let alone a human, but still a humbling experience to share the water with these incredible creatures.

This paddle changed my life forever and will always remind me of the fragility of life–just as I left Cristie Fields towards the bridge, someone jumped and was found just as I was able to get out of the currents beyond the bar.  My thoughts will always be with this person.

One of the most beautiful places to stand up paddle in Washington State-The Nisqually River Delta. Incredible to see crabs, jellyfish, and other saltwater life this far in the delta. A rising tide carried me far into the delta and the outgoing tide made it easy to come back in.

I had the great fortune to live just minutes away from the Washington Park Arboretum for over ten years and floated this area often in small boats and kayaks while living in Madison Park.  Exploring this haven again for the first time in a Stand Up Paddle Board really gave me an appreciation for all the great things that are SUP–high vantage point, easy access, and freedom to stand, sit, and kneel while slicing through the waters around Duck Bay and Lake Washington.

If you are in Seattle and pressed for time, the Washington Park Arboretum should be at the top of your list for an extreme adventure in Seattle’s back yard.

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