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Welcome to the world of Stand Up Paddle Boarding and the incredible people who make this sport what it is today.

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Interview guide:

Thank you for the opportunity to interview you for Stand Up Paddle The World Radio.  In preparation for this special event, please take a look at the interview guidelines below:

  1. High quality audio is now a given on podcasts, and therefore we require guests to have a laptop, or desktop computer running the “Google Chrome” web browser.  In the case of Android cell phones, we are able to interview you via your Android phone as long as it is running tgoogle-chromehe Google Chrome browser.  At this time we are unable to support Apple iPhone and iPad due to Apple restrictions.  Google Chrome is available for a free download for both Mac and PC here:
  2. A headset with mic and earbuds is needed for Android cellphone users.  Again, at this time we do not support the Apple iPhone, itouch, or iPad.  For laptop users, you can use your built-in microphone, but you will still need earphones or headphones.  For desktop computer users, you will need an external microphone, either plug-in or USB.  You will also need ear buds or headphones.  In general, a laptop with headphones or earbuds is the best option.
  3. It is essential that the interview take place in a room free from echoes.  Please choose a room filled with curtains, rugs, and other sound deadening features.  Please try to eliminate any possible interruptions and any items in the room that might make noise.
  4. Be sure to have some water by your side during the interview.
  5. During the interview, if you loose your train of thought, don’t worry–the interview will be edited and any  unnoticeable.  Stop to collect your thoughts and continue when you are ready.
  6. The interview will take about 30 to 45 minutes.
  7. If possible, please locate an iPhone headset to use for the interview in the case of using a Macbook Pro.  Please find more info here:


During the interview:


Plug in your headset and mic, or earbuds in the case of an Android cell phone.





For Mac users, find the “Setting” icon button:


You will see the follow menu:


Click on the “Speaker Icon”:



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