The family that plays together, stays together, and such is the case with Doc and Gloria Doolittle. They have raced together, sailed together, and now Stand Up Paddle together. Pull up a chair and stay awhile as they talk about SUP, racing, and raising millions of dollars for Children’s Hospital in Seattle. They emphasize the importance of stand up paddle boarding as a family sport and why it is especially suited for couples and in building new and important relationships. Doc is also a Cancer survivor and talks about how a positive attitude and bring you around to the other side.  

Charles Web Knows No Bounds

12525524_10209203158378923_3010140642377278854_oCharles Webb is a disabled surfer and stand up paddle racer. But such a label does not accurately describe this incredible man. He only dwells on what he can do, not what he can’t. Join us for an inspirational discussion on the magic of the human spirit and Charles’ journey to SUP racing and Surfing. Charles also talks about accessibility of beaches to the disabled SUP and Surfing community.  














TJ Gulizia is stoked on whitewater SUP, and wants to set you up. Join us at “Big Winds” in Hood River, Oregon where we sit down with TJ as he opens up about this incredible sport and how to get started. Gear, rivers, safety, it’s all here.

James Van Drunen

james888James Van Drunen is the youngest person to ever complete the “SUP 11 City Tour” that meanders for 136 miles around Holland. We speak to James and his Father Conard, live in Holland in the middle of the race to hear about this tough event. Was James always such an incredible athlete? No. Four years ago, James was living a very sedentary life filled with unhealthy food and activities. His Father Conard and the rest of the family was there for him and set off a spark in James that now burns light a bright flame. 

bruce-barrypart-2-001Will improved diet make me faster? Will I live longer? Can I improve every minute of my day? Yes! Yes! and Yes! Bruce Barry goes deep into our biological make-up and shows how important diet is to everything we do. His extensive explanation of the trillions upon trillions of cells in our bodies, all with a mind of their own and in full control, ask very little of us on our daily inputs of diet, sleep, and stress reduction. In fact, this unimaginable supercomputer asks so little of us in relation to the job it does. 


Round the Rock 2016 tested the mettle of the heartiest stand up paddle racer-brining almost all competitors to their knees towards the end of the race.  Winds up to 40 miles per hour and chest high waves demoralized the pack who came in shell-shocked and ashen colored.  Once across the finish line, however, all knew they had raced their hardest race, and learned something about themselves they never knew before.

We also talk with Dan Eberhardt, the co-founder of “Round the Rock” who has been stoking the Pacific Northwest with this epic 13 mile race that is one of the oldest in the country and raises tens of thousands of dollars for Cancer research.

We end the story with some incredible live audio clips of shell-shocked racers coming across the finish line. 

14242297_10210582328737320_3870339306339020872_oJen Kjellsvik is an incredible water woman excelling in Stand Up Paddle Racing, Outrigger Canoe, and now Whitewater SUP! She’s been in the sport for the last eight years and her biggest accomplishment is getting children to love the water. Jen tells us about the incredible whitewater SUP community she has built there for the children of Bend, Oregon and some great tips on starting such a community in your own town. Jen also speaks about life and family balance in this epic sport as well as how her community is making a difference in keeping their rivers clean. 


Shane Perrin is a pioneer in long distance endurance SUP racing and holds the record for most still water miles paddled in 24 hours: 95.6 miles. Some of his other pioneer endurance races include: La Ruta Maya, The Texas Water Safari, and the MR340.

We talk with Shane, live in Ireland where he is on vacation with his family, about Endurance SUP Racing, and why he does them. He also talks about a new SUP racing category he has invented: “SUP 6” Like OC-6 Outrigger Canoe, SUP 6 will sport 6 races on a single stand up paddle board and could be a serious future category in all SUP races.

Shane also shares a very personal story of his alcohol abuse and how it changed his life and the life of other around the world when he choose his family over alcohol. 


13517377_10209930337477946_380626081648214009_oJeff Styles is an oracle when it comes to kiteboarding and foils. In fact, he believes that in the future, all boards and water sports will be foil based! Join us live at “Walking Man Brew Pub” in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge in Stevenson, Washington where we sit down with Jeff who professes that foils are in our future. 

13416810_10209837219750061_300071032721780855_oLisa Schell is the Editor at Distressed Mullet and an epic ambassador of the sport of Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Outrigger Canoe. We were able to spend some time with Lisa during her whirlwind tour of Seattle and the Hood River to discuss “Distressed Mullet” and a host of other topics to include “Paddle Monster” and the sport of SUP and why it is unlike any other sport in the world. Thank you for listening 

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