An epic stand up paddle racer with no forearms, a Fireman, a beloved young man, a stoked racer from Tahiti, and a trio of stoked men from the South who drove over two thousand miles to race in the Gorge.  These are the people of stand up paddle racing.  Join us live during the 2017 Columbia Gorge Downwind Challenge to hear their stories.  This episode promises to deliver unlimited stoke from the very start when Fiona Wilde crosses the finish line of the downwinder with no other racers in sight.  T.J. Gulizia makes history coming in forth in the first ever running of the SUP Foils race.  These are the people who race.  They are epic, and some of the greatest people in the world and the sport of Stand Up Paddle Racing.

Chris Hawkins piloted a 27 foot sailboat as a kid and went on to crew on a 40 foot Newport
in his early twenties. A 6th generation Bitterroot Valley, Montana Native and avid outdoorsman, Chris was still lost
at sea until he found Stand Up Paddle Racing. A man of two worlds—Spokane, Washington and Bitterroot Valley, Montana, Chris talks about his family life and parents who embraced and shared the outdoors, the challenge and excitement of being a Software Engineer, and the blessing of finding the sport of SUP, racing, and Ohana.

Billy Kaczynski is a product of the crucible of life and made it out the other side an epic musician and super stoked guy.  Billy talks about growing up in Hawaii, bodyboarding, music, and leaving Hawaii for California at the age of 15 with the help of a friend.  Life is a crucible, and Billy tells his compelling story of hope, stoke for life, and his love for Puerto Rico and the serious surfing and SUP vibe there.

Chris Grieve did not like competition, that is until he found stand up paddle racing.  We talk about his journey in SUP and what he is doing to be even more competitive.


john Forse888.001Special Edition: Lincoln City Open Ocean Race!  John Forse is Force of Nature and keeps on going full-on epic, even after being attacked by a Great White Shark!  John talks about the Nelscott Reef Big Wave Surfing Championship he started as well as his new and exciting “Lincoln City Open Ocean Race” which will take place soon in Lincoln City, Oregon which promises to be an international SUP racing event in the future like his Big Wave Surfing competition on Nelscott Reef.  Lincoln City is incredible and offers something for the whole family! 


You can spot Adam Tischler from a block away–stoke-posture, stoke-smile, and overall general well being stoke! Join us on the Ballard Elk’s ocean view deck in Seattle for a conversation on life and SUP stoke, and learn a bit about Adam too! Where do these people come from? The epic sport of Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a conduit to greatness in people and Adam is one of many across the country leaving a wake of stoke and goodwill on and off the water.

Dr. Udo Wahn developed an interest in the environment in the late 60’s around the time of the horrific Santa Barbara oil spill that spurred the birth of environmental activism in the US.  He was lucky to have a High School Biology Teacher who appreciated his interest in science and would give him special projects.  One was sampling water for bacterial contamination in the Great South Bay off the coast of Long Island.  Dr. Wahn never lost his passion for the environment, or for humanity itself.  He has been delivering babies for over 34 years and has definitely improved the quality of life on this planet for many!  He is an epic Children’s Author also and we talk with him about his many “Cabo and Coral” books that teach young people the importance of the ocean and environment.

Amy Waeschle is an epic Mom, Surfer, and the Author of “Going Over the Falls” Amy talks about her Family, Surfing, and the writing of her novel. She also shares her writing process and offers tips to others who would like to write a book.

Book Synopsis:
Surfer and Seattle E.R. doctor Lorna Jacobs is pulled into a dangerous journey to find her estranged mother, who is dying from a mysterious illness. Lorna finally finds her, deep in Mexico, but Alex is more concerned with rekindling their mutual love of surfing than preparing for her last days. The secret big wave she plans to share with Lorna could bond them forever, or destroy them.

Amy Waeschle is an author, professional editor, and wilderness medicine instructor for the Wilderness Medicine Institute. She lives in Poulsbo, Washington, and is the author of Going Over the Falls, and Chasing Waves, A Surfer’s Tale of Obsessive Wandering. Her stories have appeared in publications such as The Seattle Times, The Bellingham Herald, Surfer, Sierra, and Surf Life for Women.

Karl Kruger is the first person ever to complete the grueling “Race to Alaska” from Port Townsend Washington, to Ketchikan Alaska–by Stand Up Paddle Board! Meet the incredible athlete and gentleman behind this epic feat which is a huge victory for him and the rest of the stand paddle board community.

Terence Quong is a beloved athlete and friend in the Sand Point Outrigger Club in Seattle and the one everyone wants to pass.  Endurance is one of “Q’s” strongest suits and helped him in an epic nine channel Hawaiian Island Crossing, as well as an incredible military and civilian career in aviation.  Q talks about early life, family, Outrigger Canoe, and the O’hana that make it all happen.  Terence shares the story of his journey with Cancer and offers valuable information to others. 

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