Bruce Barry, Live at the Ballard Elk’s Club in Seattle! This is the definitive guide to health that will propel you into the extraordinary health, lifestyle, and fitness of one our best athletes in the SUP racing community. Following just a few of the tips presented here by Uncle Bruce will ensure notable benefits in welfare, and pave the way for further gains. Most importantly, the information presented here will ensure a longer life, and the health and fitness required to enjoy it.

The best part of my stand up paddle journeys is meeting people on and along the water. Tonight I had the pleasure of meeting Bo and Lillyan who were enjoying a moment along the Willamette River.

Carl Delica started stand up paddle racing after a serious accident which left him unable to walk for two months. He saw SUP as an accessible sport even though he had trouble bending his knee. Carl was also hooked with the calmness of the water and how hard competitive sup is. “I’m thankful for SUP as it came into my life when I couldn’t do much else.”

Skyler Palmer is an accomplished sailor, technical rescue fireman with Tacoma Fire Department, and race director for the Ballard Elks Paddle Club in Seattle. Skyler talks about safety on the water, and life in general, and the delicate balance of risk and adventure in the sport of stand up paddle racing and the importance of being prepared.

Brown was born in American Samoa, and is very proud of his Polynesian roots. “The sense of pride and humility overwhelms me every time my paddle enters the water. I’m always in awe with the thought of my ancestors exploring Oceania not knowing when they’ll reach the next land mass.”

A professional Rugby player; his sport, culture, and family instilled a deep sense of community and respect that make Brown one of the nicest people on the water.

Tenar Hall is a collector of safety–what she knows, and practices on the water has been picked up over the years, and implemented on each trip on the open water. When Tenar was separated from her Surf Ski off the cost of Orcas Island, not only did what she pick up over the years save her life, but indeed the collective group of people responsible were there with her in the frigid waters of the Salish Sea, saving her life.

Tenar also talks about the Seattle SUP Community, Sail Sand Point, and how she got into Surf Skiing.

Jeremiah Bonsmith

Jeremiah Bonsmith is a true brother and friend of the +206, and one of the original racers from the club’s beginning almost a decade ago. Jeremiah has been there for many over the years, and reciprocated through his own vulnerability. Jeremiah is an Engineer at Boeing, an epic Father and Husband, and friend to many on an off the water.

Jeremiah talks about SUP Racing, Fatherhood, and the Pandemic which has changed everything now and in the future.

Lindsey Virdeh was forever changed by the Pandemic and found love and acceptance in the sport of stand up paddle boarding. She is a Mother, Wife, and Instructor in Clean Energy Technology at Shoreline Community College in Washington State.

Paddling provided Lindsey both the calming solitude she needed during the pandemic and allowed her to spend time with her friends during the quarantine. She also learned to love herself for exactly who she was–a person with her own interests, passions, and friendships separate from her identity as a wife and mother.


Harry Oesterreicher is a man who gives back–giving his kidney to a dear friend, founding member of the Aristides de Sousa Mendes Foundation, and volunteer at Washington Water Trails, and the Ballard Elks Paddle Club.  Harry discusses how important friendship is across a variety of groups and clubs, Stand Up Paddle Racing, and what it’s like to give a kidney to a dear friend.

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