Shane Perrin is a pioneer in long distance endurance SUP racing and holds the record for most still water miles paddled in 24 hours: 95.6 miles. Some of his other pioneer endurance races include: La Ruta Maya, The Texas Water Safari, and the MR340.

We talk with Shane, live in Ireland where he is on vacation with his family, about Endurance SUP Racing, and why he does them. He also talks about a new SUP racing category he has invented: “SUP 6” Like OC-6 Outrigger Canoe, SUP 6 will sport 6 races on a single stand up paddle board and could be a serious future category in all SUP races.

Shane also shares a very personal story of his alcohol abuse and how it changed his life and the life of other around the world when he choose his family over alcohol. 


13517377_10209930337477946_380626081648214009_oJeff Styles is an oracle when it comes to kiteboarding and foils. In fact, he believes that in the future, all boards and water sports will be foil based! Join us live at “Walking Man Brew Pub” in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge in Stevenson, Washington where we sit down with Jeff who professes that foils are in our future. 

13416810_10209837219750061_300071032721780855_oLisa Schell is the Editor at Distressed Mullet and an epic ambassador of the sport of Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Outrigger Canoe. We were able to spend some time with Lisa during her whirlwind tour of Seattle and the Hood River to discuss “Distressed Mullet” and a host of other topics to include “Paddle Monster” and the sport of SUP and why it is unlike any other sport in the world. Thank you for listening 


What is the state of Windsurfing and Kiteboarding in the Columbia River Gorge and how do you get into these sports? What’s it like to harness the wind with a sail on a windsurfer, or loft softly into the air on a kite board? In this special edition of Stand Up Paddle the World Radio, we talk with three ladies who discuss their passions for these sports and the changing demographics and physical characteristics of each. We talk with Laura Mills in detail about kiteboarding near the shores of the Columbia River during a party held in Stevenson, Washington. Come along with us as we learn about some of the other water sports out there in God’s Country–The Columbia River Gorge!

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Fast Track to SUP

13235339_10209647571648977_3429331450664209509_oHolly Rasmussen and Debra O’Conner found Stand Up Paddle Boarding and took the fast track to learn as much as possible though formal instruction and to meet the community behind it. Soon they were surfing “Tugboat Wakes” and negotiating the swirling waters of “Deception Pass” Both respected the safety taught to them in the Seattle SUP community and Holly even had the chance to use this vital information in a rescue she performed during a local paddling event. Holly and Debra also reach inward and discuss the importance of friendships and accountability in the tight and passionate stand up paddling community and their own lifelong journey in this arena. Hear their action packed story of SUP in this episode of Stand Up Paddle The World Radio. 

John Amundson

john-amundson-001John Amundson is a legendary Kiteboarder and Shaper. A third generation waterman, John’s ancestral stoke led him at a early age to leave California and head for Hawaii to follow his passion. John talks
kiteboarding, shaping, and gives us valuable life lessons from his epic journey along the North Shore

the 24: Go Because You Can

981167_10209163906917661_6982278593157665301_oJoin us live at 24, a twenty four hour stand up paddle event that raises funds to help victims of cancer and their families. Meet Troy Nebeker and his family and hear how Cancer devastated their lives, but in the end brought them closer. Meet the paddlers and other incredible people in the Washington state stand up paddling community who came together for this incredible yearly event.




The Four Pillars of Health

12819186_10208948302687690_8808733276263736291_oBruce Barry takes health very seriously in his sport of Stand Up Paddle Board Racing, and in life when illness struck someone in his family. In this episode of Stand Up Paddle The World Radio, Bruce Barry discusses the Four Pillars of Health: Vitamin D, Exercise, Diet, and Sleep and why they are so important to stand up paddle racers and in living a long and healthy life 


3 Friends 3 SUP Stories

12792224_10208895453006481_3843843023527227327_oNo time? No Board? Just been diagnosed with MS? No problem. Alex Vaughan, Doug Broadbent, and Jeff Gassen discuss their incredible journeys with SUP and how it changed their lives forever. Jeff has no time, Alex had to make his own board, and Doug didn’t let MS stop him, in fact SUP was his cure. 

12418902_10208804582694780_2343012221465300050_oThis week on “Stand Up Paddle The World Radio” Joe Mccolskey on some simple steps you can take to improve your fitness and your life. Only a few years ago, Joe was a full eighty pounds heavier, and his life was out of control. Listen to his own personal journey on iTunes at the link below. Look for it this Wednesday on Stand Up Paddle The World Radio, and please give us a 5 star review–we love what we do and would love your input. 

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