Andre, AKA Dre is an epic young man living a great life on the North Shore and around the USA.  We talk with him about SUP/Surf etiquette, his life as an all-around athlete, and all things Hawaii like Ohana, Poke, and self-sustainability in self and everything you do.  Dre gives us some tips on getting around in Hawaii, and explains why the Hawaiian vibe is so pronounced in SUP and Surf cultures around the world

Dean Burke dreamed of the Pacific Northwest and its majestic mountains from a very young age.   He vowed he would make it his profession one day to live, work, and play in this incredible area of the world.  As Executive Director of the Tacoma South Sound Sports Commission,  Dean is living the dream and energizing the city of Tacoma, Washington and the greater Puget Sound Area and its residents.  Hear about his journey, values, and how to hold steadfast and pursue your own dream.

Melanie Seiler Hames is the Executive Director at Active Southern West Virginia and a treasure to the people of the New River Gorge and surrounding area.  Melanie brings Stand Up Paddle Boarding, and more importantly, good health to the people of West Virginia by having them take an active part in sports and recreation that is right in their back yard.  Ms. Seiler, is also a very important leader who is improving the overall health quotient of West Virginia–a state heavily dependent on disappearing Coal Mining jobs, yet at the same time, one of the most beautiful places on earth ripe with economic opportunity in recreation.Hames

Ian Smith is the founder of “First Waves” which spreads the stoke with experiences in conservation, river surfing, standup paddleboarding, and filmmaking for under-served youth.

Ian talks about “First Waves”, Whitewater SUP, and the “Iron City”–Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! 

Mark Powell is another amazing person among us in the Stand Up Paddle Community. His Hurricane research on air-water mixing is notable and a significant contribution to the science he observed while flying aboard NOAA’s P3 Hurricane Hunter planes. Mark grew up on the water with his family and has competed in various watersports. He talks with us about his love and fascination of the water and weather and, recent entry into SUP racing. You can find my interview with Mark at the link below:


The family that plays together, stays together, and such is the case with Doc and Gloria Doolittle. They have raced together, sailed together, and now Stand Up Paddle together. Pull up a chair and stay awhile as they talk about SUP, racing, and raising millions of dollars for Children’s Hospital in Seattle. They emphasize the importance of stand up paddle boarding as a family sport and why it is especially suited for couples and in building new and important relationships. Doc is also a Cancer survivor and talks about how a positive attitude and bring you around to the other side.  

Charles Web Knows No Bounds

12525524_10209203158378923_3010140642377278854_oCharles Webb is a disabled surfer and stand up paddle racer. But such a label does not accurately describe this incredible man. He only dwells on what he can do, not what he can’t. Join us for an inspirational discussion on the magic of the human spirit and Charles’ journey to SUP racing and Surfing. Charles also talks about accessibility of beaches to the disabled SUP and Surfing community.  












TJ Gulizia is stoked on whitewater SUP, and wants to set you up. Join us at “Big Winds” in Hood River, Oregon where we sit down with TJ as he opens up about this incredible sport and how to get started. Gear, rivers, safety, it’s all here. 

James Van Drunen

james888James Van Drunen is the youngest person to ever complete the “SUP 11 City Tour” that meanders for 136 miles around Holland. We speak to James and his Father Conard, live in Holland in the middle of the race to hear about this tough event. Was James always such an incredible athlete? No. Four years ago, James was living a very sedentary life filled with unhealthy food and activities. His Father Conard and the rest of the family was there for him and set off a spark in James that now burns light a bright flame. 

bruce-barrypart-2-001Will improved diet make me faster? Will I live longer? Can I improve every minute of my day? Yes! Yes! and Yes! Bruce Barry goes deep into our biological make-up and shows how important diet is to everything we do. His extensive explanation of the trillions upon trillions of cells in our bodies, all with a mind of their own and in full control, ask very little of us on our daily inputs of diet, sleep, and stress reduction. In fact, this unimaginable supercomputer asks so little of us in relation to the job it does. 

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