12418882_10208744593315083_1035027878148668993_oWhat is the Genesis of a Stand Up Paddling Community? In this episode of Stand Up Paddle The World Radio, Rob Casey and Troy Trimmer talk about the origins of Seattle’s strong Stand Up Paddling community and discuss the events and tools that others can use to create a strong SUP community on their own home waters. 

12888650_10209076151883840_7128276920924088622_oWhat’s it like behind the scenes of a stand up paddle race? Spend a day with Stand Up Paddle The World Radio at “St. Paddle’s Day” an annual race held in Washington State along the beautiful “Hood Canal” Fjord. We talk with seasoned racers about technique, as well as first-time paddlers on the staring line. If you are interested in starting your own race, listen in as we talk with Cindy Sund, Race Director, at Alderbrook Resort and the St. Paddle’s Day Race. Chris Fry of West Bay Paddleboards has taken the plunge and is in the middle of creating his own paddle board race and discusses the importance of building community and getting sponsors. Get ready for the stoke of the year as young Grayson Poledna and his six year old sister discuss how they got involved in stand up paddle racing and why Grayson is her hero and how he stoked her to give it a try. If you would like to try stand up paddle board racing, or interested in creating your own race, this podcast is essential listening.


14311206_10210630800109074_1534330815860870447_oJames Van Drunen is live with us again after just completing the “SUP 11 City Tour” in Holland. We speak with a very tired James and his Father Conard live in Spain, during an epic storm that has just hit their home, about his second epic race that snakes around Holland in 11 cities for 136 miles in five days. James and his father give great advice on competing in such a race and about the friendships and sponcorships that made the race possible. 

1522722_10209014232535895_5800926664523653645_oAbigail McCarthy won’t let a broken back, or anything else for that matter, keep her off the water. Abigail shares her stoke, and gives us a window into her own injury and life and tips on recovery and getting back out there on the water. 

24 Go Because You Can

981167_10209163906917661_6982278593157665301_oJoin us live at 24, a twenty four hour stand up paddle event that raises funds to help victims of cancer and their families. Meet Troy Nebeker and his family and hear how Cancer devastated their lives, but in the end brought them closer. Meet the paddlers and other incredible people in the Washington state stand up paddling community who came together for this incredible yearly event.


Charles Webb Knows No Bounds


Charles Webb is a disabled surfer and stand up paddle racer. But such a label does not accurately describe this incredible man. He only dwells on what he can do, not what he can’t. Join us for an inspirational discussion on the magic of the human spirit and Charles’ journey to SUP racing and Surfing. Charles also talks about accessibility of beaches to the disabled SUP and Surfing community. 

13072807_10209443351903611_6058667056901866676_oRob Casey knows the water and uses this information to his advantage in stand up paddle board racing. Rob tells how to use eddies, winds, currents and tides to your advantage in SUP racing. 

13198656_10209547767553937_6841494598721244164_oFiona Wilde is ranked #3 in the world in Stand Up Paddle Board Racing, and surfing, and is a graduate of the “JET” team located in Hood River, Oregon. Steve Gates, owner and founder of the “Junior Elite Team” and “Big Winds” talks about the incredible genesis of the team and how hard work, dedication, and early morning stoke breeds incredible results in these children. Steve also discusses the challenges of starting your own Junior Elite Team and offers solutions and examples from the Jet Team’s journey. 

13320632_10209701120467664_6814984272086839674_oKaren Parkkonen is passionate about the Columbia River Gorge and the incredible flora and fauna along the Columbia River’s many special places. She Stand Up Paddles and Surf Skis year-round in the Gorge and has a deep respect for the area and does her part in maintaing many of the shoreline areas, while practicing good river citizenship and promoting paddling safety. 

12909554_10209234655926342_3135757803102556129_oTJ Gulizia is stoked on whitewater SUP, and wants to set you up. Join us at “Big Winds” in Hood River, Oregon where we sit down with TJ as he opens up about this incredible sport and how to get started. Gear, rivers, safety, it’s all here.


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