Wade Lawson lives an epic life as a Big Wave Surfer, Helicopter Pilot, and a man of curiosity and action. Wade tells of his rags to riches story growing up the son of an Arkansas chicken farmer and the dreams he had of becoming a pilot, and living an incredible life. Wade says you can have this life too and gives a premiere on Big Wave Surfing and flying. Disclaimer—Big Wave Surfing is an extreme sport where accidents and death can occur—it is not a matter of if, but when, in the sport of Big Wave Surfing.

Randall Barna is an epic Pedorthist and SUP and Surfing pioneer who knows a lot about feet and sports performance.  During the 1992 NBA Championships, 80% of the starting lineup for the Portland Trailblazers wore Barna’s orthotics and many professionals go to him to this day to improve their performance.   Randall talks about his early days as an Oregon surfing pioneer and the natural progression of surfing to Stand Up Paddle Boarding and, giving back to the sport to continue the stoke he has received over many decades.  Randall is fast and tells why the feet are so important in SUP racing and what you need to know to make an immediate difference on the water and in your next race.



Tanvi Jagadish is India’s first Stand Up Paddle Racer and a darling of her country as a pioneer of female surfing and SUP racing.  She was always told that girls don’t surf, but with the help of family and her local “Surfing Ashram”, Tanvi found Nirvana in the sport and in Mother Ocean.  Tanvi talks about early family life in India, and her daily rituals in preparing for SUP races and gives thanks to all those who have helped including SUP Racer and North Carolina native April Zilg.

John Schalka is a very fast stand up paddle board racer and shows us what is possible in this life at any age.  At the start of John’s SUP racing career, he weighed over three hundred pounds and suffered a pulmonary embolism that almost killed him.  Loosing over one hundred pounds, saying goodbye to alcohol, and drawing from a lifetime of outdoor sports, John reinvented himself into a SUP racing machine that is the envy of those nearly half his age.

Matt and Grant Hassenrik are an epic father-son duo both on and off the water in the sport of Stand Up Paddle Boarding and stoked to share their story of how it all began.  Thirteen-year-old Grant loves his dad, and extended family of Stand Up Paddle Boarders in the Holland, Michigan O’hana located along the “Third Coast” of Lake Michigan.  It’s not always smooth sailing for the two, and Matt and Grant reflect on mishaps and dangers of some of their trips and how these epic moments brought them closer to each other, their O’hana, and the sport of SUP itself.  Matt and Grant reach out and give us tips on building your own epic family SUP team!

Sarah_Sandstrom2.001Sarah Sandstrom is an epic lady on and off the water and a seasoned SUP racer.  She’s back from the Carolina Cup and stoked to tell about her race and what it takes to prepare for a SUP event far from home.  Sarah is a Fisheries Biologist and her work spans a range of wetland, stream, and estuarine projects. When she’s not in the field, monitoring stream conditions or delineating wetlands, Sarah is working on watershed-scale planning, evaluating project effects on listed fish and wildlife, or developing creative approaches to restoration and mitigation.  Sarah talks a bit about her work and how being on the water brings meaning and continued purpose to her career.

Audrey Frey is an epic Lawyer defending our freedoms behind the scenes in the capital of Washington State.  And when she’s not serving the citizens of the “Evergreen State”, she is Dragon Boat, Outrigger Canoe, or Stand Up Paddle Racing!  In 2015, Audrey represented Team USA on the U24 Mixed and Women’s Crews at the International Dragon Boat Federation’s (IDBF) 12th World Dragon Boat Racing Championships.  Audrey gives us a premiere on Dragon Boat Racing and the O’hana that make this such an epic sport.

Danny Ching is one of the fastest in the world  in stand up paddle racing, and an epic gentleman and ambassador of the sport.  Danny’s Father, Al Ching brought the epic sport of Outrigger Canoe to California in the 1970s, and in this environment, Danny found his love of the water and racing.  In 2014, Danny set a world record for speed on a stand up paddle board at the “Lost Mills time trial in Germany covering 200 Metres In Just 47 Seconds, and he did it was a smile on his face!  Danny talks about the early years of his SUP racing and how you too can work on Mental Toughness in the sport of Stand Up Paddle Racing.

Patrick Hwang and Matt Sun are  back from Hawaii and ready to share some serious OC stoke.  Hang-on as these gents talk about the Maui to Molokai race and their five-day race prep clinic with Kai Bartlett. 

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