We Never Quit!


Marc, Zach, and Darrell are epic men from the South preaching the word of Mental Toughness in all that they do. “We never quit” Join us at the Columbia Gorge Downwind Challenge in Hood River, Oregon were we met with this extraordinary team who drove over 2000 miles to compete in the downwind and course races.

Father and Son, business partners, and good friends—Marc and Zach Rounsaville talk mental toughness that Zach uses to train his Stand Up Paddle Race Athletes in his SeaFit Program, and Marc uses in his business coaching practice. Darrell Horton and Darrell Kirk talk about mental toughness training off the race course and how mental toughness must be practiced at all times to ensure epic race results.

America is in the midst of an Opiate drug crisis that is wreaking havoc on men across the country and in the South, to include Beckley, West Virginia, Ground Zero, where Darrell Kirk spent time as a youth. The group discuss the causes and possible solutions that mental toughness might provide. On a lighter note, Zach, Marc, and Darrell end the interview talking about Alabama and its incredible waters to SUP, epic Southern foods, and family traditions that made them the epic and strong gentlemen they are today. These are my people and I am so honored to have talked with them!

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