Columbia Gorge Downwind Challenge: And The Men and Women Who Race


An epic stand up paddle racer with no forearms, a Fireman, a beloved young man, a stoked racer from Tahiti, and a trio of stoked men from the South who drove over two thousand miles to race in the Gorge.  These are the people of stand up paddle racing.  Join us live during the 2017 Columbia Gorge Downwind Challenge to hear their stories.  This episode promises to deliver unlimited stoke from the very start when Fiona Wilde crosses the finish line of the downwinder with no other racers in sight.  T.J. Gulizia makes history coming in forth in the first ever running of the SUP Foils race.  These are the people who race.  They are epic, and some of the greatest people in the world and the sport of Stand Up Paddle Racing.

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