Russel Peart.001Russel Peart served his country proudly, but returned with Gulf War Syndrome, sustaining high levels of lead, mercury, and other heavy metals that wreaked havoc on his body.  Russel’s Doctor even questioned how he could be alive.  A strong family and beloved Father with alcoholism and disabilities stopped the cycle with Russel and built a man who thrives despite having a spine that one doctor described as that of a ninety year old!  Russel’s story is an inspiration to all of us and he shares what he is doing to repair the damage with diet, stress reduction, and finding your passion in work and play.  I urge you to listen to Russel’s story.

Charles Webb is back and gives us an update on the world of Adaptive Surfing  as well as several competitions taking place in the sport in 2017.  If you would like to give Adaptive Surfing a try, or learn more about this sport–Charles Webb is your ticket and continues to blow-up the sport with his enthusiasm.  This episode is your one-stop to learn all about this extreme sport.

The 24: Go Because You Can.

Go behind the scenes at “The 24” in Seattle, a 24 hour paddle raising money for families fighting Cancer.  Meet the team and one of the special families “The 24” has touched.

John Puakea is a legend in the Outrigger Canoe community and has brought his years of experience to the Stand Up Paddle world.   As an exceptional technical coach, John has helped push world-class paddlers to the next level in international competition. His ability to improve the performance of already-elite paddlers also led Team Bradley to consecutive first-place finishes in the Molokai-to-Oahu Na Wahine O Ke Kai, and to the fastest crossing time by any women’s team in the history of the race.  John talks about his entry into the outrigger canoe world and how to develop a fast paddle stroke in both OC and Stand UP Paddle Board Racing.

In Part III of the “Four Pillars of Health” Bruce Barry discusses the importance of Yoga for good health and Stand Up Paddle performance in both SUP racing and Surfing.  Don’t miss it and be sure to listen to parts I and II of the “Four Pillars of Health” recorded earlier last year.

Melissa Still is a Kiteboarder and the owner of Bigfoot Coffee Roasters in Stevenson, Washington. Melissa talks about what it takes to start a business that supports local tourism and what we as visitors can do to support the businesses and communities that help fuel our many paddling adventures and events. 

Bob Pratt is serious about drowning, very serious.  As an EMT and Lifeguard, he knows that drowning is preventable, especially in the sport of Stand Up Paddle Boarding.  In fact, Bob believes the stand up paddle industry has a golden opportunity to introduce life preserver and leash safety early on in this exploding sport.  Bob Pratt and The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project are both very serious about water safety and drowning and give many lifesaving tips in the interview. 

Norm Hann is an early pioneer of SUP as an adventure platform and used it as a powerful tool to help save the “Great Bear Rain Forest” of British Columbia, Canada.  Norm talks about his early years in the Great Bear Rain Forest, the Documentary “Stand” and what it takes to make a difference in  your own local waters.

“The Third Coast” is a formidable SUP destination that deserves serious consideration and respect: Thirty-foot waves, deadly rip tides, and huge Salmon! We have a witness in Matt Hassenrik who will demystify, or mystify his epic Midwest SUP playground complete with surfing in the snow, ice, and extreme temperatures.  Matt also talks about the epic SUP community near Holland, Michigan and racing with his son.

Andre, AKA Dre is an epic young man living a great life on the North Shore and around the USA.  We talk with him about SUP/Surf etiquette, his life as an all-around athlete, and all things Hawaii like Ohana, Poke, and self-sustainability in self and everything you do.  Dre gives us some tips on getting around in Hawaii, and explains why the Hawaiian vibe is so pronounced in SUP and Surf cultures around the world

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