Randall Barna–Epic Pedorthist and Sup Pioneer

Randall Barna is an epic Pedorthist and SUP and Surfing pioneer who knows a lot about feet and sports performance.  During the 1992 NBA Championships, 80% of the starting lineup for the Portland Trailblazers wore Barna’s orthotics and many professionals go to him to this day to improve their performance.   Randall talks about his early days as an Oregon surfing pioneer and the natural progression of surfing to Stand Up Paddle Boarding and, giving back to the sport to continue the stoke he has received over many decades.  Randall is fast and tells why the feet are so important in SUP racing and what you need to know to make an immediate difference on the water and in your next race.


2 Comments on “Randall Barna–Epic Pedorthist and Sup Pioneer

  1. What a great episode. Being in Boise, it was good to listen to a fellow paddler living in a similar community. I was a little dubious about the suggestion of wearing quality water shoes regardless of conditions, but after trying it, I’m a believer. Excellent advice.

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