“The Courtship of Eddie’s Father”

Feeling like a modern day Bill Bixby in “The Courtship of Eddies Father” I spent the day in the town of Snohomish, Washington peeling in and out of river Eddies in preparation for my first attempt of “Deception Pass” in a few months.  The river proved as tricky as young Eddie, tipping my board a couple of times and giving me a refreshing taste of ice-cold glacial waters from mountain run-off and 4″ of snow that blanketed the area just a few hours earlier.  I’m used to the salty, nasal cleansing waters of the Puget Sound, but welcomed a little fresh water this time that left the faint odor of wet dog in my nostrils.

I absolutely love the little town of Snohomish Washington and the incredible, nice people that live and visit there.  It’s hard not to meet a local here who won’t engage you in a great conversation.  Can’t wait to get back there and work this fine river again.

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