Round the Rock 2015. A real honor to be part of team “Monster and Sea”

“Round the Rock 2015” was especially challenging this year due to a later start and 85 degree temperature.  Even though our team was fully hydrated and fueled, we all cramped up, our hands that is!  On the last few miles of the race, our hands had a mind of their own and opened and closed at will!  Some of us joked that the origins of the “Shaka” might have come about from long distance races in hot weather as some of our

monsterandseahands went into an involuntary Hawaiian hand gesture during the last few miles of the race!

Was a real honor to be part of team “Monster and Sea” this year and I am so proud of all the great men and women on our team who I also call my friends.  Monster and Sea is a great organization and clothing brand that was brought about by a life changing event that can be epitomized in a quote from its founder:

Monster and Sea

Having a beer after our weekly races with friends and teammates of “Monster and Sea”

“Monster and Sea was inspired by a morning on the water when there wasn’t much left. Mentally drained from all that cancer brough
t into my family. Honestly – didn’t know what to do.”

All of us in the SUP community seem to have found this sport, or have used it as a savior in time for many of life’s crisis.  For me it was the death of my dear bro
ther Ron Kirk who died in a rock climbing accident.
Surely, life would have been a lot different, and
to this day still, had I not SUP, SUP racing, and the SUP community who are some of the best men and women in the world.

Looking forward to other long distance SUP races with this great competitive team of athletes and friends and the good work they are all doing daily!


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