Wrapped-up with”dryrobe”

I had the pleasure of meeting the folks from “dryrobe” at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City.  I greenam now an ambassador for the brand, so you’ll see me in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest changing and staying warm in my dryrobe before and after each paddling adventure.  Me and my local group paddle year-round in the Pacific Northwest and Seattle, and to be sure we are quite warm on the water no matter what the conditions, as we are well equipped with various wetsuits, and drysuits.  However, it is the time just before a paddle and just after when we can
cool down quite quickly due to inactivity.  This is where dryrobe comes in handy–it allows you to change into your wetsuit, and stay warm, and it is ready and waiting when you return, perhaps wet, to keep you warm and allow you to change out of your gear.  I’m excited to post some before and after shots using my dryrobe!

Be sure to check them out at:  www.dryrobeusa.com 


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