Nebo Lumore Clip Light–A great investment in SUP safety


I love these lights and can’t believe they have been improved upon tremendously over the last year.  They are just under six bucks here in Seattle at

Nebo Lumore Clip Light Assorted

These lights are very waterproof, shockproof, and bright as hell. The white globe puts off an incredible soft white light. I can’t believe they 100% revamped these light this year with a very cool looking aircraft aluminum look and a very soft glow in the dark globe that makes the light even more shockproof. I gave away my two lights last year–one during Seafare to a boater who’s electrical system went out and she had to get back to her marina. Another to a fellow stand up paddler to get back to a launch spot in the dark. Coast Guard requires one white light on a SUP in the dark. This is the light. Also comes with a bullet proof clip to hook to PFD or other locations. All for the cost of a double tall latte!

These are great and reliable lights, however, due to the importance of being seen at night on the water, be sure to carry a backup light, preferably one Nebo Lumore light and one Cyalume SnapLight.

If you can’t make it to Urban Surf, please purchase them through our link below which helps support the Dan Devereaux Memorial Trust.

Nighttime SUP adventures are an incredible aspect of our sport.  Here’s a night tour my good friend and collegue Rob Casey leads in Seattle taking advantage of “Bioluminescence” in the Puget Sound.

Here’s a link to the Nebo Lumore light and Cyalume Snap Light:

Nebo Lumore Clip Light Assorted

Cyalume SnapLight Industrial Grade Light Sticks, Green, 6″ Long, 12 Hour Duration (Pack of 10)


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