Behind the Scenes of a Stand Up Paddle Race

12888650_10209076151883840_7128276920924088622_oWhat’s it like behind the scenes of a stand up paddle race? Spend a day with Stand Up Paddle The World Radio at “St. Paddle’s Day” an annual race held in Washington State along the beautiful “Hood Canal” Fjord. We talk with seasoned racers about technique, as well as first-time paddlers on the staring line. If you are interested in starting your own race, listen in as we talk with Cindy Sund, Race Director, at Alderbrook Resort and the St. Paddle’s Day Race. Chris Fry of West Bay Paddleboards has taken the plunge and is in the middle of creating his own paddle board race and discusses the importance of building community and getting sponsors. Get ready for the stoke of the year as young Grayson Poledna and his six year old sister discuss how they got involved in stand up paddle racing and why Grayson is her hero and how he stoked her to give it a try. If you would like to try stand up paddle board racing, or interested in creating your own race, this podcast is essential listening.


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