Shane Perrin–Long Distance SUP


Shane Perrin is a pioneer in long distance endurance SUP racing and holds the record for most still water miles paddled in 24 hours: 95.6 miles. Some of his other pioneer endurance races include: La Ruta Maya, The Texas Water Safari, and the MR340.

We talk with Shane, live in Ireland where he is on vacation with his family, about Endurance SUP Racing, and why he does them. He also talks about a new SUP racing category he has invented: “SUP 6” Like OC-6 Outrigger Canoe, SUP 6 will sport 6 races on a single stand up paddle board and could be a serious future category in all SUP races.

Shane also shares a very personal story of his alcohol abuse and how it changed his life and the life of other around the world when he choose his family over alcohol. 


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